Tuition, Housing, and Financial Aid

Tuition and Housing

Tuition and housing fees for Summer 2022 are $675. This amount includes tuition, room and board, extracurricular activities, and class field trips. The tuition and housing cost balance must be paid in full online or by check and received by the Office of Pre-College Programs by June 4, 2022.

A note for South Bend area students: Residency is an important aspect of every seminary experience, and it is an essential component of the Old College experience. All Summer Seminary Immersion participants are required to live in Old College as a part of the program.

Summary of Costs

  • Application Fee: non-refundable $60
  • Tuition/Housing: $675 Enrollment Fee (paid online or by check by May 3, 2022): non-refundable $300
  • Tuition/Housing Balance (paid online or by check by June 4, 2022): $375

Financial Aid

Application fee waivers are granted rarely and only in extreme circumstances. Partial scholarships are available to students who apply for the program.

To apply for financial aid, parents or guardians should complete the Request For Need-Based Assistance form.

Students requesting financial assistance must submit the form no later than April 17, 2022.

Please note that submitting this form for financial aid does not guarantee an application fee waiver or scholarship. Decisions regarding admission will be made regardless of financial aid request, and notification of financial aid will be included with admission decision letters.