Data Visualization and Storytelling Summer Scholars Session II

The development of data insights utilized to create a competitive advantage, optimize processes and decide on strategy is increasingly utilized in organizations today. Software companies have "commercialized" this process and made access to information from datasets available to anyone through easy tools and interfaces, yet this has created an environment full of noise, leading to a loss of the important insights necessary to create value. Further, many tactics utilized in the communication of data insights are applied incorrectly, leading to confusion or misleading takeaways. Finally, digital devices and services have transformed the way in which we deliver and receive information and the art of clear, effective, and engaging data storytelling has often been lost.

This course will provide a foundation for students to develop and effectively communicate clear visual insights using Tableau, a software leader in the visualization space, and will harness the power of storytelling for the strategic benefit of an organization by turning data into a compelling message that resonates with an intended audience.

Academic Director

Brandon Erlacher

Brandon Erlacher

Brandon is the Academic Director of the MSBA in Sports Analytics and an Assistant Teaching Professor for the IT, Analytics & Operations Department (ITAO) at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. He has a passion for helping people and businesses find and communicate deep insights from data. He has taught many analytics courses including Data Visualization, Data Storytelling, Data Analytics and Communication, Conveying Visual Data Insights, Data Analytics, Customer Engagement Analytics and Marketing & Customer Analytics.

Prior to working at the Mendoza College of Business, Brandon led traditional and digital media companies. He continues to help media and tech companies strategically through data analysis, visualization, optimization and prediction.