Curtis Urban

Program Director, International Programs and Data Strategist

B.A. History, The Ohio State University
M.A. History, Miami University
Ph.D. History, University of Notre Dame


Curtis is our international aficionado! Curtis primarily manages  our four Study Abroad Programs in Ireland, Italy, London, and South Africa, additionally traveling with the students to ensure a safe and extraordinary summer experience. During the academic year, Curtis explores new study abroad opportunities and helps faciltate our Global Scholars program in collaboration with Notre Dame International.

Curtis initially came to Notre Dame for his PhD in American History, which he received in 2017. After loading up on schnitzel and bratwurst during a stint teaching at Heidelberg University in Germany, Curtis returned to Indiana committed to ensuring students are equipped with the tools to become globally-minded citizens seeking to make change in their communities and beyond. Outside work, Curtis loves pretending he’s a foodie, playing with Henry his mini Goldendoodle, and dominating cornhole at college football tailgates. A native Ohioan in love with the Midwest, Curtis takes frequent trips to Europe because… well, Europe!