• Learning to Think Differently

    Estefi is examining different viewpoints.

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  • Taking a Different Approach

    Derek is viewing things from a different angle.

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  • Preparing for the Future

    Arthur is preparing himself for his future.

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  • Dress Rehearsal for Life

    Samuel is learning what is true on stage is often true in life.

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  • Learning to Adapt

    Alice is learning how to adapt to the changing world.

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Summer Programs at Notre Dame

Evolve. Stretch. Grow. See what Notre Dame Pre-College Programs are all about.

You’ll never forget your summer with Notre Dame.

It happens when you first set foot on campus, engage in intellectually stimulating classes, and throw yourself into nearly two centuries worth of academic, social, and spiritual tradition. It happens when you enroll in one of our three pre-college programs.

As a Summer Scholar or a participant in the Notre Dame Leadership Seminars, you'll have access to the Grotto, the Golden Dome, the hallowed halls. Or if you go abroad with us to Rome in our Study Abroad program, you'll have access to the riches of the Eternal City. You’ll spend a summer living, learning, and serving as a Notre Dame student. You’ll spend a summer preparing to lead a life for the greater good.

Are you ready?