Rules and Expectations

All communities have rules and expectations, and Notre Dame is no exception.

Expectations for high school students attending a Notre Dame summer program are outlined in Residence Hall Rules for Pre-College Students.

Understanding that Pre-College students are minors, the University and the Office of Pre-College Programs employ specific rules and expectations to protect students, parents, and the University. Any student who violates these rules will be expelled from the program, have his or her parents and high school notified, and be asked to return home at his or her parents’ expense. Any student displaying behavior inconsistent with the University’s policies may be asked to leave the program, and campus, at the director’s discretion.

All students are entitled to a positive and meaningful experience at Notre Dame. Any type of disrespectful, exclusionary, discriminatory, threatening, aggressive, or abusive behavior is strictly prohibited. This includes social media, verbal expression, and physical conduct and relations.

Past participants have had wonderfully rewarding experiences with the program. All of our students will learn and share, make new friends, and have an unforgettable experience on campus. However, participants and their parents must be fully aware of the rules and expectations, and that students abide by them while at Notre Dame.

Residence Hall Rules for Pre-College Students

  • All residents should show respect and concern for others.
  • Visitation: High school students enrolled in summer programs may not enter any residence hall except the one to which they are assigned. Nor may they have visitors of the opposite sex in the hall to which they are assigned.
  • Alcohol: Under state law, no use of alcohol is permitted by anyone under the age of 21. A resident who uses or possesses alcohol will be dismissed immediately from the program.
  • Drugs: The use of illegal drugs is forbidden by the University. A resident who uses or possesses them will be dismissed immediately from the program.
  • Theft: Any resident stealing from another’s possessions will be dismissed immediately from the program.
  • Vandalism: The destruction of any property should be a concern of all residents. Anyone involved in vandalizing another’s property will be dismissed immediately from the program.
  • Quiet hours: Each student has a right to an atmosphere conducive to sleep after 10:00 p.m. Quiet hours are violated by such activities as shouting or yelling in the corridors, a gathering of residents in someone’s room that’s loud enough to be heard in the corridors, and any other activity that might disturb the peace of fellow residents.
  • Personal conduct: Notre Dame is a Catholic university and expects its students to exemplify in their lives the standards of Christian morality. Any activity that offends these standards, including any sexual activity, will lead to dismissal.
  • Smoking: Is prohibited on campus and all areas of residence halls.
  • Smoke alarm: Anyone who deliberately sets off a smoke alarm will be dismissed immediately from the program.
  • Fireworks: The possession of any form of fireworks is forbidden by the University. A resident using or possessing any form of fireworks will be dismissed immediately from the program.
  • Fire alarm systems: Fire alarm systems and other building-installed fire equipment such as fire hose cabinets, portable fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems are installed in buildings for life, safety, and protection of all occupants. Malicious tampering with or misuse of these devices and system components will result in severe disciplinary action, including dismissal of all persons involved.
  • Corridors: Athletic activity of any kind (wrestling, frisbee throwing, rollerblading, etc.) is absolutely forbidden in the corridors.
  • Curfew: All students must be in their assigned residence hall by 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and by midnight on Friday and Saturday.