Photography: Seeing Creatively

The University of Notre Dame’s Summer Scholar workshop Photography: Seeing Creatively is designed to help talented high school students find their photographic voice and explore new techniques to express it. The class is designed for beginning students interested in the field of photography. There are no pre-requisites for students interested in taking the workshop, but students are asked to have a strong desire for creative thinking and image making. Students in this course expand their creative talents, build a portfolio, and learn about career options.

This comprehensive photography course uses the latest in digital cameras, imaging software, inkjet printers, studio lighting, and traditional black and white darkroom techniques to explore the student’s photographic vision. There is extensive digital training in image capture, file processing, manipulation, and printmaking along with a historical and theoretical overview of photography to assist in the student’s image creation. Classes focus on aesthetic aspects of composition, point of view, the moment and subject matter. All of the techniques learned support the focus of the week: finding new ways of expressing our creativity.

Days are filled with photographic history lessons, hands-on equipment demonstrations, supervised lab exercises, photography field trips, and critiques. Assignments encourage participants to expand their ability to see and respond to the world around them. Students photograph each other, the South Bend and Notre Dame landscape, markets, and city life. Upon completion of the Summer Scholar workshop, students leave with new technical skills, an awareness of their creative potential as image-makers, and a new portfolio of work.

Academic Director

Jayson Bimber

Jayson Bimber is an internationally exhibited artist living in South Bend, Indiana, and is the research associate for the Center for Creative Computing at the University of Notre Dame. He has a Master of Fine Arts degree in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology and undergraduate degrees in photography, graphic design, and printmaking from the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

Jayson has spent the last several years working as a digital imaging specialist specializing in retouching, digital compositing, and fine art printing for artists and advertising agencies in Chicago, Illinois. His personal art practice uses appropriated imagery to comment on how we perceive beauty in contemporary society and its relation to art historical representations of the body.