Director's Message

We’re delighted that you’re considering the University of Notre Dame for your student this summer.

The three programs we will offer in the Summer of 2016—led by professors drawn from the larger Notre Dame faculty—promise to be exciting and rewarding experiences for your budding college student.

We are pleased to offer our Study Abroad: Rome program again this summer. This 12-day seminar in Rome, Italy immerses students in the rich history and culture of the Eternal City. In addition to visiting many of Italy's most revered cultural treasures, students attend classes in a historic building now owned by the University of Notre Dame and staffed by Notre Dame faculty.   

Our Summer Scholars Program offers students opportunities to explore unique fields of academic study in the intimate setting of a seminar or small lecture course. Whether exploring the moral and spiritual dimensions of literary classics, dissecting the inner-workings of models that predict hurricanes and natural disasters, or digging through the remnants of old settlements to discover how the past was lived, students come into contact with a range of ideas that will broaden their intellectual horizons.

The Leadership Seminars are designed to engage and challenge civic-minded students. This year’s three courses consider a range of issues, from the global effects of poverty and ethnic and religious conflict, to the effects and ethical dimensions of innovations in science and technology, to the ways that the arts and popular culture may be mobilized in various social and political ways.

Of course, there is much to learn outside the classroom. Living and dining with young people from all over the world, students come into contact with a range of experiences and ideas, making new and lasting friends in the process. We also provide structured opportunities to engage the larger community through excursions and service endeavors. Finally, students have a number of opportunities to grow spiritually through built-in time for meditation and reflection. We’re proud to say that our Pre-College Programs represent the best of the Notre Dame experience.

It’s often said that the college experience is one of the most important a person can have. It is a time of development and self-discovery. We hope that your student has the opportunity to discover what college can be for them, and we would be happy to be a part of their journey to that goal.

Please let us know if you have questions or thoughts as you consider our programs.

Take care and God bless!

Paulette G. Curtis, Ph.D.

Faculty Director of Undergraduate and Pre-College Programs & the AnBryce Scholars Initiative
Concurrent Instructor in Anthropology

University of Notre Dame