Paulette Curtis 21802

Paulette G. Curtis, Ph.D. 

Faculty Director of Undergraduate and Pre-College Programs & AnBryce Scholars Initiative
Concurrent Instructor in Anthropology

As Faculty Director of Pre-College Programs, Dr. Curtis is responsible for the vision and management of Study Abroad: Rome, Study Abroad: Ireland, Summer Scholars, and Leadership Seminars, from developing tracks to working with faculty and staff on the academic and related aspects of the programs.

Originally hailing from New Orleans, Paulette loves good food (hence the New Orleans part), loves great Science Fiction and interesting spaces (hence the teaching part), and has a beautiful husky named Clark Kent, whom she'd love to turn into Superman himself.  She is also a some-time singer with a killer voice who desires to make it as a "semi-professional," but hasn't figured out a way to make that happen.

Angie Yugo

Angie Yugo 

Associate Director
Angie oversees the day-to-day function of the Office of Pre-College Programs. She also facilitates the review of applications, recruits and trains the Pre-College summer counseling staff, manages the office’s community-based organizational partnerships, and conducts targeted recruiting campaigns.

Angie loves hiking, traveling, reading, and cooking. She absolutely must start each day with a cup of coffee in the quiet of the morning. She has a rescued cat named Figaro, and not-so-secretly loves making Halloween costumes!




Erin Hall

Program Coordinator
Erin is the creative mind behind the Pre-College social media presence, promotional materials, and website. When Erin’s not crafting witty tweets and designing emails, she also helps capture the action through photography and videography during the Summer Scholars and Leadership Seminars programs, works with Pre-College faculty to coordinate their courses, and serves on the Pre-College application review committee.

A firm proponent of living with reckless abandon, Erin loves discovering new hobbies, projects, and skills. She enjoys writing and performing poetry, slaying at karaoke, and traveling the world. She can solve a Rubik's Cube in one minute flat, knows pi to 50 digits, and couldn't possibly live in a world without stiletto heels.

Kristina Wright2

Kristina Wright

Program Coordinator
Kristina is our international aficionado! She is the on-site coordinator for the Study Abroad: Rome program, traveling with the students to ensure a safe and extraordinary summer experience. She also develops and coordinates the social and service activities that are at the core of the extracurricular experience for Summer Scholars and Leadership Seminars students and is closely involved in Pre-College recruiting and application review.

When she's not playing with her giant Bernese Mountain Dog named Sierra, Kristina loves to play sports, travel, and flip houses. She can hear high frequency magnetic fields due to a past scuba diving accident, she's a lucid dreamer, and she knows how to rap in French! 

Amy Minnick2

Amy Minnick 

Administrative Assistant
A die-hard Irish fan, Amy is an expert in all things Notre Dame, and is the point of contact for all of your Pre-College questions! She also assists the Pre-College staff with programming, finances, and day-to-day administration.
Amy is proud mom to a son, Quinlan, and cat, Schuyler Colfax. She is secretly an excellent baton twirler, and absolutely cannot live without Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. Her superpower is "what-if"ing- she can think of every possible scenario and plan accordingly!